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  1. Invalid Clicks and Impressions: We strictly adhere to Google Publisher Policies, prohibiting the artificial inflation of clicks or impressions on ads displayed through our Service. Publishers associated with EasyFinanceWisdom must refrain from engaging in any activities that may artificially inflate ad performance, including manual methods or automated tools.
  2. Encouraging Clicks or Views: EasyFinanceWisdom publishers are prohibited from incentivizing clicks or views on ads, employing deceptive methods, or compensating users for interacting with ads. We maintain a commitment to providing a transparent and authentic user experience.
  3. Traffic Sources: Ads displayed on EasyFinanceWisdom are not sourced from prohibited channels such as paid-to-click programs or unsolicited mass emails. We ensure that our traffic adheres to Google’s policies and guidelines, promoting integrity and quality in our advertising practices.
  4. Ad Behavior: While publishers are permitted to modify AdSense ad code, any modifications must align with Google’s policies and should not artificially inflate ad performance or compromise the interests of advertisers.
  5. Ad Placement: Ads served through EasyFinanceWisdom must comply with Google’s ad placement policies. We ensure that ads are not placed in inappropriate locations such as pop-ups, emails, or software, and adhere to specific placement guidelines to maintain a positive user experience.
  6. Site Behavior: EasyFinanceWisdom is committed to maintaining user-friendly navigation and ensuring a seamless browsing experience. We do not engage in practices that redirect users to unwanted websites or initiate downloads without user consent.
  7. Deceptive Site Navigation: Our publishers are required to implement ads in a manner that does not mislead users. We prohibit false claims of content, irrelevant redirects, or misleading navigation links that could compromise user trust.
  8. Technical Requirements for Web Content Viewing Frames: In compliance with relevant program policies, app developers integrating AdSense and Ad Manager display ads must adhere to specified integration options. EasyFinanceWisdom ensures that all technical requirements for web content viewing frames are met to maintain policy compliance.
  9. Other Supported Viewing Frames: EasyFinanceWisdom offers specific viewing frame options for Android and iOS apps, ensuring compliance with policies and guidelines set forth by Google. We prioritize user experience and policy adherence across all supported platforms.
  10. Sensitive Events: During sensitive events, EasyFinanceWisdom collaborates with Google to mitigate risks and ensure the provision of high-quality, relevant information. We prioritize user safety and strive to reduce insensitive or exploitative content in monetized features.

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