Safeway Money Orders: A Complete Guide to Secure Transactions

Safeway Money Orders: A Complete Guide to Secure Transactions

Sometimes you want to send money to your family and loved ones, you must have heard about Safeway Money Orders. These money orders are easily accessible and convenient. Let’s learn together about money orders at Safeway below.

What is a Money Order?

A money order in simple words is a paper payment that is an alternative to cheques and cash, It is a very secure form of payment that is usually used by many people and is widely accepted. A money order is a piece of paper that’s like a guaranteed check. You buy it for a certain amount and then send it to a specific person or organization you want. A money order is a physical payment like a cheque but it cannot bounce like cheques do. You can use money orders to pay bills or send money. A money order is a much more secure and reliable source than cheques.

What are Safeway and Safeway Money Orders?

Safeway is a popular supermarket chain that was founded by Marion Barton Skaggs in 1915 in United States. Safeway is a very popular grocery store that provides food, household items, and many more. In addition, Safeway also provides money orders that are like paper payments which are a secure and popular method of sending money and paying bills. Safeway money orders work like cheques but they are already paid so you don’t need to cash them like cheques. They are widely accepted and you can use them when you don’t have cheques. Safeway operates more than 919 stores in the United States.

How Much Do Safeway Money Orders Costs?

Safeway Money Orders are very reasonably priced. The fee cost while purchasing a money order depends on the amount of money you’re sending. It usually costs around $0.70 to $1.50 but again it depends on location and the amount of money you are spending on the money order. Safeway has typically a set amount per money order which ranges from 500$ to 1000$ depending on your location. If you need to send a larger amount of money you can also buy multiple money orders at the safeway. Lastly, Safeway is secure so if you want to send money and you don’t have a bank account it is a wise choice to consider.

How to Purchase a Safeway Money Order?

You can go to your nearby Safeway outlet to get your money order. Safeway has many outlets across the United States. These stores have specific working hours so it is wise to first check their working hours and then visit. You can buy a money order very easily you just have to submit some documentation like identification and other important information for security purposes and to complete transactions. You should always put correct information and double-check all the information for a smoother process.

Pros and Cons


Safeway money orders offer a wide of advantages. Firstly, these money orders are very convenient and easy to access at many locations. You can buy these money orders at your nearby Safeway stores and they accept payment such as cash, credit card, and debit cards. Once the money order is issued you have the time of 90 days to use it and if you want a refund you can go to the same store you have bought a money order and you can refund it. They are usually not as expensive as the cheques banks offer. They offer peace of mind and flexibility they are widely accepted which makes them more convenient and safer. These money orders are safer than cash because they can’t get stolen. If you want to send a larger amount to your family and friends you can buy multiple money orders.


While Safeway money orders offer various advantages they also come with a set of disadvantages. These money orders can sometimes not be accepted by many platforms and businesses. You cannot use them to make an online purchase. You have to pay for each money order but some bank cheques are free of cost. Money orders can sometimes be very time-consuming because first, you have to visit an outlet to buy them. If you’ve lost your money order it is non-refundable.

Places to Get a Money Order

  1. Retailers
  2. Post Office
  3. Check-Cashing Stores
  4. Credit Unions
  5. Grocery Stores
  6. Western Union
  7. Money Transfer Agents
  8. Convenience Stores
  9. Online: Some online platforms allow you to purchase money orders electronically.
  10. Banks

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In summary, Safeway offers very reliable and fast service if you want to send money to loved ones or manage your payments. But it is always a smart move to weigh all the pros and cons for an easy and fast process. These money orders are safer and secure but sometimes they can be time-consuming. While they offer a ton of advantages they come with fees cost related to money orders that may vary on the amount. Lastly, if you want to send money or manage your payments and do not want to go to banks Safeway money orders are the best choice.

Important Note: While I’m here to share insights, remember: this isn’t financial advice. Always consult a qualified financial advisor before diving into investments. They’ll give personalized guidance, tailored to your unique finances, for a secure financial future.


What is a Safeway Money Order, and how does it work?

A Safeway Money Order is a secure way to make payments or send money. It’s like a prepaid check that you purchase from a Safeway store. You fill it out with the recipient’s name and the amount, and Safeway guarantees the payment. It’s a safe and convenient way to transfer funds.

Where can I buy Safeway Money Orders, and how much do they cost?

You can buy Safeway Money Orders at any Safeway store. The cost varies, but it’s generally affordable, making it an accessible option for many people. Remember that fees may change, so it’s a good idea to check the latest rates at your local Safeway.

Are Safeway Money Orders secure and reliable for transactions?

Yes, Safeway Money Orders are known for their security and reliability. They are backed by the reputation of Safeway, a well-established grocery store chain. When you use a Safeway Money Order, you can be confident that your payment is protected and will reach the intended recipient.

How do I fill out a Safeway Money Order correctly?

Filling out a Safeway Money Order is easy. You’ll need to provide your name, the recipient’s name, the amount, and your signature. Double-check the details to ensure accuracy. This simple process helps prevent any issues with your transaction.

What do I do if I lose a Safeway Money Order or it gets stolen?

If you lose a Safeway Money Order or it’s stolen, you can take steps to protect your funds. Safeway can help you with the replacement process, but you’ll need to provide the original receipt and payment stub. It’s important to act quickly in case of loss or theft to safeguard your money.

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